Executive Search

Executive Search

We pride ourselves on recruiting high performance leaders for your company, while helping you navigate through an ever-changing corporate environment.

Business today is unprecedented thanks to new technology, advanced analytics, and digitalization. Companies need to have strong leadership in place to manage this type of transformation. We help clients identify their most critical asset – their leaders.

Recruiting for leadership positions takes extensive time, resources and expertise. When you have a business to steer and goals to achieve, it’s difficult to give an executive search the attention it deserves.

We understand that executives need strong industry backgrounds in the businesses they run. We introduce principal players to niche businesses and build a path to success for both sides.

Many of our top-level candidates are passively looking for new corporate career opportunities, and we can make that first connection. As a trusted executive search firm, our goal at Smart Synergies is to be a true partner in your success.


Finding the talent that can complete your project and fit in with your team on a short-term basis is tedious and expensive. Luckily, it’s our niche.


When finding new employees to join your team, it is essential to find the best fit for your culture. We own the responsibility for finding, interviewing, and integrating employees into your team quickly and without hiccups.


We can build project teams to work as an extension of your business without the additional headache of onboarding, retention, or potential offboarding.

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